Hyperworks 2019

  • HyperMesh - New visualization, easier editing of the beam profile, new possibilities of connections
  • OptiStruct - the possibility of defining your own materials, the history of the output tensionand the fatigue damage analysis
  • HyperForm - suspension settings, hot stamping, tube bending

HyperWorks 2017 brought several new products and hundreds of new features that help users to create perfect products in a short time.


HyperWorks 2019
Student version

  • Modeling And Visualization Capabilities
  • HyperWorks Solvers
  • Multi-Disciplinary Design Exploration,
    Study and Optimization Mathematical
    Modeling Environment Limitations Ideation
    And Conceptual Design


HyperWorks optimization tools allow you to:

  • Find the right product design in the shortest time
  • Introduce innovative solutions
  • Minimize production costs and the environmental impact
  • Extend the product life cycle by the reliable and robust design
  • Increase the productivity of the design process with a complete set of tools

Structural Analysis

  • SPMD multi-processor solutions, repeatability
  • Cost-effective transition from NASTRAN
  • Favorable computational time of large models
  • Accurate results
  • Optimization readiness
  • NASTRAN compatibility
  • Complex material library
  • Advanced Solver for NVH Analysis
Struktural Analysis Radioss implicit

Crash Analysis
Radioss explicit

  • Passive safety solutions of the passengers in the vehicle
  • Extensive library of the finite models, figurines and barriers
  • Partnership with FTSS and TASS provides the most comprehensive set of tools in the field
  • Intuitive program environment of the HyperCrash for the crash analysis
Crash Analysis Radioss explicit

Passive Safety

MADYMO solver is a flexible multi-physics simulation tool that uniquely combines the multibody (MB), finite element (FE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in a single CAE solver. MADYMO is therefore a highly effective tool for design and analysis of complex dynamic systems.

Passive Safety Madymo


Combining the HyperWorks and MADYMO programs provides one of the widest ranges of biomechanical human models of virtual dummies for pedestrian- and passenger-safety projects.


CFD - AcuSolve

HyperWorks provides all the necessary tools to perform CFD analyzes in an effective manner.

  • Modeling (cleanup / meshing)
  • CFD optimization
  • Post-processing
  • CFD solver
  • Many other CFD applications (within the scope of HyperWorks Partner Alliance)
CFD - Acusolve

OptimalizationDOE (Design of Experience)

HyperStudy is integrated into the HyperWorks environment and allows the direct parameterization and retrieval of data from many commonly used simulation codes such as ABAQUS and Radioss, Fluent, nCode, etc.



Design products lighter, stronger, faster, and smarter with Inspire.

  • Compatibility with CAD tools
  • Quick and simple strength control of parts
  • Topological and topographic optimization
  • Simulation of kinematics of mechanisms
  • "User-friendly" environment

Electromagnetic Simulation Software FEKO

  • Antenna Analysis
  • Biomedical – modelling human-structure EM interaction
  • Radiation and irradiation of cables in complex environments
  • Rapid analysis of complex waveguide
  • Radar Applications
Electromagnetic  Simulation Software FEKO

Casting Simulation Software Inspire Cast

  • A complete casting simulation in 5 simple step
  • Development Cycle Reduction
  • Users friendly Environment
  • Automatic Mesh Generation
Casting Simulation Software Inspire Cast


  • Linear and nonlinear static analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Thermal stress analysis
  • Dynamic analysis

SimSolid is a revolutionary new generation program that uses innovative computational methods. It abandons the traditional finite element method associated with the need for meshing and works directly with the original unsimplified CAD geometry.


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15. 11. 2018

55. slévárenské dny® Brno 13. - 14. 11. 2018

We took part in the Foundry Days Conference again

02. 10. 2018


The Technology Conference "SIMULATION-DRIVEN INNOVATION" was very successful, we thank everyone for their participation.
We especially thank Formula TU OSTRAVA  for borrowing the student formula.

01. 06. 2018


Our office held a workshop today at which it was presented nanoFluidprogram for fluid simulations. We thank Mr. Milos Stanica from FluiDyna for a very engaging presentation.

15. 05. 2018