2020 Student Webinar Series
Invitation to a series of webinars from the record for students.


2020 Student Webinar Series

Dear students of technical schools,

Altair is hosting a series of live webinars exclusively for you. Each training is approximately 2 hours in length and will have live Q&A throughout the session. Watch the webinars OnDemand!

To work with the training materials in any training sessions, attendees must have access to the free Altair Student Edition. If you do not have access, please request it by clicking the button below.

Introduction to Altair HyperMesh & Altair HyperView

This is an introductory course for using HyperMesh to create and set up finite element models for analysis. A combination of lectures and exercises will familiarize students to the HyperMesh environment, process, and suite of tools needed to start using HyperMesh in their work.

Altair OptiStruct for Structural
Analysis & Optimization

This session will highlight the capabilities of Altair’s award winning solver technology found in OptiStruct. Live demonstrations will feature the Linear Analysis capabilities as well as the multi-disciplinary Optimization capabilities found in this industry leading software. Linear static, modal and buckling analysis as well as topology, topography, size, shape, free size and free shape optimization techniques will be shown.

Altair OptiStruct for Composite Analysis & Optimization

This course is intended to provide an overview of performing Composite Analysis and Optimization using HyperMesh and OptiStruct. Students will learn the basic concepts about composite and how to perform analysis and optimization on models with these materials. This is a theoretical and practical course that covers all design steps for systems manufactured with composite materials using an automated optimization technique developed inside HyperWorks.

Altair Inspire for Design, Analysis,
Optimization and Motion

In this session we will cover the optimization driven design process using Altair Inspire. We will be learning how to create/import geometry, then set up the model for topology optimization, analyze the design concepts generated and then recreate geometry for final design.  In addition we will review how motion simulation can be used to define your loadings on your model (suspension system for example) to allow you to run analysis and optimization. 

Virtual Wind Tunnel

In this session, we will give overview of Altair’s Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) used for external aerodynamic analysis. Topics will include model preparation, design changes, solver technology (Navier-Stokes) and shape optimization.

Vehicle Dynamics with MotionSolve

The intention of this class is to give instruction on the details of building and correlating full vehicle MBD models, starting with basic input data. During this class, an introduction to basic vehicle dynamics terminology and concepts is presented.

Altair Simulation 2022.3 released
Altair Simulation 2022.3
Altair releases a new version of its simulation suit - version 2022.3.
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2023
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2023
Invitation to an online conference on the use of simulation technologies in early stages of product development.
ATCx Praha 2023
ATCx Praha 2023
Book in your calendar: ATCx Praha 2023
Workshop Inovativní a aditivní technologie výroby
Workshop: Innovative and additive manufacturing technologies
Invitation to workshop: Innovative and additive manufacturing technologies.
Polymerní kompozity 2023
Conference: Polymer composites 2023
Polymer Composites 2023 with the presentation "Development and preparation of plastic parts production using advanced simulations".


Years of experience in advanced simulation.

Broad range of simulation technologies including multi-physics analysis and optimization.

The most advanced technologies enabling innovation, reduction of development time and cost throughout the product life cycle.

Technical team expertise.

Access to hi-tech know-how thanks to partnership with Altair Engineering.

Emphasis on added value and long-term customer satisfaction.

SW products open to other CAD/CAE solutions.

logo-textSelected clients 

We are constantly expanding our network of clients, including major final manufacturers and
suppliers for the automotive, aerospace and railway industries, as well as small and large engineering
companies. We are active in the Czech Republic and beyond.

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