Discover Altair CFD™ - Live Webinar
Webinar focusing on the new set of CFD tools covers a wide range of applications with fluid and thermal systems using the most suitable computational methods for the given area.


Discover Altair CFD™ – Live Webinar

Discover Altair CFD™
New date: July 13, 2021 | from 10 a.m.

Over the years Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become a key tool for engineers to understand fluid flows and it is used across most industries to accelerate product design, mitigate the risk of late-stage failure, as well as reducing testing costs.

Advances in computing power and expanding software capabilities are opening more possibilities for CFD to address a wider range of applications with increasing complexity. Having access to the right tools while also minimizing software expenses is now critical for companies.

In this webinar, we invite you to discover Altair’s unique offering that provides access to all the technology needed in a cost-efficient way. Whether you are looking to optimize gearbox oiling, analyze tank sloshing, perform rapid external aerodynamics studies, or reduce cooling fan noise, Altair CFD provides the right technology for the right application, all under a single license.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • The different CFD methods available with Altair CFD.
  • The range of fluids problems that can be solved with Altair CFD, including some unique applications and customer examples.
  • How Altair’s unique licensing system enables companies to reduce software expenditure.
  • How Altair’s flexible approach to Cloud and HPC helps deliver results faster.

Join us and take part in the official presentation of Altair CFD™.

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Years of experience in advanced simulation.

Broad range of simulation technologies including multi-physics analysis and optimization.

The most advanced technologies enabling innovation, reduction of development time and cost throughout the product life cycle.

Technical team expertise.

Access to hi-tech know-how thanks to partnership with Altair Engineering.

Emphasis on added value and long-term customer satisfaction.

SW products open to other CAD/CAE solutions.

logo-textSelected clients 

We are constantly expanding our network of clients, including major final manufacturers and
suppliers for the automotive, aerospace and railway industries, as well as small and large engineering
companies. We are active in the Czech Republic and beyond.

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