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Altair's new 2022 simulation software release is here!



Altair Simulation 2022 Released

This significant update focuses on next-generation connectivity, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), and circuit board and electronic design capabilities. The latest release includes new features and capabilities that broaden, strengthen, and further specialize Altair’s comprehensive simulation toolkit.

The latest release includes new features and capabilities that broaden, strengthen, and further specialize Altair’s comprehensive simulation toolkit.

Developing Products for a More Connected Future

We live in a connected world, one where large-scale 5G infrastructure deployments are driving the proliferation of mobile communications, Internet of things (IoT) technology, vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (V2X), safe smart autonomous vehicles (ADAS), body-worn devices, and a host of other applications. Soon, 6G and other wireless evolutions will define our connected future. To harness the ever-increasing complexity of connected systems, Altair Feko helps users simulate and maximize their designs.

Design More Sustainable, Sophisticated Structures

All powered by Altair Units, the latest Altair simulation release offers a robust, wide-ranging toolset for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) to meet the global demand for more sustainable, more sophisticated structures: from integrated structural engineering tools to simulation of large assemblies at blazing speed, and from streamlined code assessment to virtual wind tunnel testing.

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ECAD and Circuit Board Design

Altair PollEx greatly expands its design verification, signal integrity (SI) and PCB modeling functionalities. Cross probe verification now includes DFx Excel results as well as a direct ECAD link to Pulsonix and Altium Designer, the latter also supported via the free PollEx for Altium tool which has been recently released.

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Solutions for Every Stage of Product Development

From model-based systems design and early geometry ideation and manufacturability, to detailed multiphysics simulation and optimization, Altair’s latest simulation software release includes a multitude of updates and enhancements. Here are some other product highlights:

  • Altair Activate strengthens its status as a leading open and flexible integration platform for comprehensive system-of-systems simulation with an intuitive library management system, which includes new machine learning (ML) and reduced order modeling (romAI) libraries, a new curve editor, and additional enhancements that make the user experience even more efficient and intuitive.
  • Altair AcuSolve – Altair’s general-purpose Navier-Stokes (NS) solver – introduces more physics that cover a variety of new applications, including Eulerian-Eulerian and granular flow multiphase simulation and a new electrical potential solver.
  • Expanding its collaborative programming and scripting platform capabilities, Altair Compose introduces UI Designer, an interactive toolkit that gives users an easy drag-and-drop method to create reusable graphical user interface designs without manual coding. Other significant additions include a comprehensive CAE data reader and a new ML library.
  • Altair EDEM continues to lead granular material simulation by delivering top-level performance with the introduction of a lightning-fast multi-GPU solver for all our particle shapes, a world-first powders material model database, and a host of new integrated physics models that give users even more engineering insight across multiple industries.
  • Supporting the growing trends of electrification and e-mobility, Altair Flux and FluxMotor now offer tighter integration starting from the product installer all the way to seamlessly transferring project data.
  • Altair HyperWorks evolves and expands its workflows for aeroelasticity analysis, boasts massive performance gains in its browsers’ data population, a new filament winding workflow for composites design, and more new capabilities that strengthen its unparalleled ability to mesh, morph, assemble, manage, simulate, optimize, and visualize the world’s most complex products.
  • Altair Inspire keeps democratizing simulation, making it accessible to all designers and engineers, and now offers seamless design exploration workflows – design of experiments (DOE) and shape optimization – that leverage its robust history-based parametric CAD modeling approach to quickly and easily create and optimize geometry.
  • From additive manufacturing to casting, from injection molding to sheet metal forming, Altair’s manufacturability solutions keep getting broader, faster, and more accurate. Just to mention a few, a new thermo-mechanical analysis has been added in Inspire Cast, binder-sintering process simulation and inherent strains technology are now available in Inspire Print3D, and a new centrifugal foaming process can now be simulated in Inspire PolyFoam.
  • The latest release of Altair MotionSolve includes massive performance improvements to load time and visualization in MotionView, enhanced coupling with EDEM for bulk material simulation, full support of Applus+IDIADA proving grounds and XenomatiX scanned roads, as well as robust contact modeling and flexible bodies support for Altair Inspire’s motion simulation.
  • Altair nanoFluidX extends its capabilities and now includes direct heat transfer coefficient output for thermal analysis, improvements to impose regions tools to offer greater flexibility, and significantly advanced SimLab workflows (especially for vehicle wading applications).
  • Altair’s flagship product for optimization-enabled structural analysis – Altair OptiStruct – keeps expanding its functionalities in stiffness, strength, stability, explicit dynamic, heat transfer, noise and vibration, and fatigue analysis, and now boasts more advanced topology and shape optimization algorithms.
  • Altair SimSolid keeps pushing the field of structural analysis for rapid design iteration by adding seam weld fatigue analysis and frequency multi-loadcase features, and it now recognizes CAD part instances and further increases its computational performance with an new alternative parallelization scheme for large assemblies.

Please visit the Altair web pages and Altair Community for additional details on what’s new for each product included in the new software release.

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