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Altair SimSolid at Whirlpool Corporation and Concept Validation Experience | Digital Transformation Using CAE Simulations | E-Mobility Solutions | Simulation platform and individual tools from Altair

Wednesday May 6th 2020 | 4 pm

How Whirlpool Evaluates and Validates Concepts in Minutes with Altair SimSolid

Perform structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies

Whirlpool Corporation will tell us s how they validated Altair SimSolid and how they implemented the tool into their concept design processes.

Altair will demonstrate additional powerful functionality of SimSolid , preview the upcoming SimSolid 2020 release, and introduce an exciting new integration with Altair Inspire which will deliver SimSolid’s speed and accuracy for structural analysis. For users without access to CAD software, Inspire and SimSolid combine to enable interactive geometry modification while analyzing large assemblies and complex parts, all within one common user interface.

You already have webinars from the Altair’s Simulation Platform series where the news is outlined and there is also a webinar comparing the use of SimSolid and the traditional FEA tool Altair OptiStruct. .

20.-24. April 2020

Transformation Through Simulation

Solutions for your digitalization strategy

Choose a topic from a series of webinars on advanced simulation technologies (from fast structural analysis and production process simulation, through digital twins to advanced data analysis). The series was created as an online alternative to the deferred fair in Hannover.

Monday April 20th 2020 | 3 pm

Breaking Simulation Speed Limits on CAD Designs

Cut simulation time and trust the results

When you are enabled to perform structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies within minutes, simulation becomes a game-changer for your development process.

Altair will introduce a revolutionary tool for structural analysis SimSolid  that allows you to analyze a design in seconds or minutes and get accurate feedback about whether components and assemblies are fit for purpose. Under realistic conditions, multiple design scenarios can be quickly simulated, making it easier to decide on the right option and shorten the time-to-market overall.

Tuesday April 21st 2020 | 3 pm

Unlimited Design Optimization and Innovation

Zajistěte si úspěšné nasazení CAE nástrojů bez ohledu na rostoucí nároky na výpočetní techniku.

Today’s engineering teams need to deliver robust, innovative products at an ever-increasing pace. This requires the exploration of multiple operational scenarios and usage envelopes and is often limited by the ability to mobilize sufficient computing and software license resources.

Join Altair and Intel in this live event for an opportunity to learn how engineering businesses use Altair solutions to look into the future to deliver robust and class-leading appliances to their customers.

Wednesday April 22nd 2020 | 5 pm

Simulation-Driven Design for Advanced Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing

How do companies reach their full design and manufacturing potential?

How can I choose the best manufacturing process for my design?
How do I create the design for the best manufacturing process?
Can simulation create the optimal manufacturable design without compromising performance?
When, why, and how to use additive manufacturing to add value?

How can I design for the freedom of additive manufacturing?

Thursday April 23th 2020 | 5 pm 

Applying large scale 3D Printing and Digital Twin technologies to the factory floor

Large-scale 3D metal printing

MX3D and Altair will demonstrate practical applications based on Industry 4.0 and Digital Twins principles for high-volume 3D metal printing. The webinar will introduce you to this topic, when it pays and how simulations will help in preparing 3D printing.

Friday April 24th 2020 | 3 pm 

The value of Data Analytics in the Smart Factory

Predictive Maintenance Altair Knowledge Works

How do you identify hidden indicators for future downtimes, or identify anomalies in your manufacturing assets?

Learn how to work with structured and unstructured data, how machine learning technology is used, how the Altair Knowledge Works platform makes it easier to see, visualize and evaluate it.

See how product assets data can be easily visualized throughout their lifecycle.

Thursday April 29th 2020 | 3 pm 

Accelerate Your Analysis Cycle Times by 5x

Reducing Lead Time by Automating Repetitive Tasks

We invite you to the third in a  série webinářů focused on efficient creation of computational models (pre-processing) using “smart” FEM network automation with the help of Altair SimLab. In this webinar you will learn about the possibilities of modeling automation, which is crucial especially for solving repetitive tasks.

April 1st – 17th 2020 | Recorded Webinars

Solution for your product development

Choose a topic from a webinar series focusing on individual Altair HyperWorks products, solidThinking and their applications in practice. Get more know-how to use Altair Compose, Activate, Inspire, SimSolid, SimLab, Optistruct, Radioss, HyperLife, HyperStudy and nanoFluidX.

Recorded Webinars

Accelerating e-Mobility to Realization

Electric Veicle Development Webinar Series

Choose a topic from a series of webinars dedicated to multi-physical and specific simulations and optimizations to be used in the development of various electric vehicle components and systems. You will learn about System Level Optimization approaches, multidisciplinary modeling and optimization, procedures for designing electric motors, batteries, noise and vibration, passive safety, aerodynamics and electromagnetic field simulations.

How the links between the electric motor design and the multi-physical optimization work can be seen in the diagram below. In addition to the webinars listed, you can read the eBook G Guide to Accelerating e-Mobility to Realization.

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