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New versions of Altair 2020 simulation tools

At the Altair 2020 Global Experience, Altair presented the new features of its software tools in the 2020 versions. A brief overview of what’s new in each area can be found below in this article or on the Altair website. Detailed information on all the novelties of individual products can traditionally be found in the relevant Release Notes.

The biggest response was the introduction of the Altair One product, which includes in one solution the use of software tools as we know them today, but also in the cloud form. You can use the cloud as a source of computing power for running solvers, as a project repository, or as a platform for team collaboration. Another option is to run the application directly from the cloud instead of installing the classic desktop versions. Due to the use of remote desktop technologies in the background, the offer of published applications will be very wide. The proposed new licensing model Altair Units is also related to the provision of applications conceived in this way, which will include not only licenses for various types of software but also the use of high-performance computing. Learn how the Altair One will look like in a video bellow or on our YouTube channel.

The start of operation is announced for July 2020.

Altair One – working in a collaborative cloud environment

Altair Announces Most Significant Software Update Release in Company History

All of Altair’s software products have been updated with advancements in user experience and countless new features, including intuitive workflows that empower users to streamline product development, allowing customers to get to market faster.


  • Altair HyperWorks™ – new interface to Altair’s solution for high-fidelity computer-aided engineering (CAE) modeling and visualization, making learning easy and productivity high
  • New subsystem entity for modular model configuration
  • Altair SimLab™ – fatigue optimization
  • Altair OptiStruct™ – includes the addition of new explicit solution and expanded implicit non-linear solutions including 2D axisymmetry
  • Altair SimSolid™ – includes advanced 3D seam weld connections to further improve speed
  • Altair Radioss™ – employs a dramatic reduction in runtimes for virtual drop testing of electronics devices
  • Altair Inspire™ integration of Altair SimSolid™ solver includes support and connector reaction forces, instantaneous reaction time modeling large PolyNURBS models, and improved geometry generation from optimization

Fluids and Thermal

  • HyperWorks CFD – provides engineers and experienced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) specialists with the most productive CFD pre- and post-processing capabilities to-date
  • Altair AcuSolve™ – GPU acceleration yields 3-4 times increased speed while also supporting nucleate boiling, radiation, condensation/evaporation and multiphase fluid-structure interaction (FSI)
  • Altair ultraFluidX™ – includes a new, more accurate wall model and overset grid technique
  • Altair nanoFluidX™ – is three times faster than the previous version

Electromagnetics and Multiphysics

  • SimLab – electric motor modeling and coupling with AcuSolve and Altair Flux™; accommodates ECAD file import (ODB++)
  • Altair Feko™ – provides a component library tightly integrated with CADFEKO
  • Altair FluxMotor™ now includes thermal and acoustics evaluation
  • Flux includes several enhancements including those for modeling iron losses and skew type motors

Systems Modeling

  • Altair Activate™ – performs multi-physics system modeling with hardware-in-the-loop and Internet of Things (IoT) for digital twin development
  • Integration of EDEM bulk material modeling with multibody dynamics simulation and hydraulics ideal for heavy equipment and agricultural applications
  • Altair MotionView™ – has a two-wheeler vehicle dynamics library for motorcycles and scooters
  • Altair Compose™ – OpenMatrix Language available in Jupyter Notebook
  • Altair Embed™ – supports three additional target and two additional target families from ST Micro, VRTOS code modifications for MISRA compliance, and OpenCV DNN (Deep Neural Network) module integration

Data Analytics

  • Recent release of Altair Panopticon™ – platform for user-driven monitoring of real-time data – includes major update of cloud-based deployment, enabling users to build, modify, and share custom-designed functions and content easily via standard web browsers; hotfix to enable deployment at Nomura
  • Altair Knowledge Hub™ – improved messages for troubleshooting and robustness; security hardening; more flexible Windows deployment; deployment on Azure; transformations including continuous binning and lookup join (refactoring for performance) and more
  • Altair Monarch™ – user experience improvements; Excel trapping; PDF Engine 4.5; retheme; enhanced column list and more
  • Altair Knowledge Studio™ – new features including Keras model, model stacking, and pivot table; variable transformations node improvements with dataset and variable preview and re-ordering

HPC and Cloud

  • Altair Access™ – updated “work from home” features; more responsive 3D remote visualization; internationalization; better job resource charts; two-factor authentication and single sign-on; share support on mobile
  • Altair Accelerator™ – EDA workload support on AWS (with Rapid Scaling), Microsoft Azure, and GCP; 10x faster for dynamic workloads; container improvements; REST query API; IPv6
  • Altair PBS Professional® – scalability improvements towards exascale; Cray Shasta support; container enhancements for converged AI+HPC workloads; better system maintenance support

Industrial Design


  • 3D printing simulation available in Inspire with new unit cell lattice generation

Smart Product Development

  • Altair SmartWorks™ – major re-architecture of the edge orchestration and augmentation; ability to validate the edge application in real-time environments and deploy at scale

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