PF 2024
Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you a happy and successful year 2024.


PF 2024

We are proud that we could cooperate on solving the problem of the flow in the development of stratospheric satellites. We could make a difference in the verification of the mechanical resistance and reinforcement of the structure of the new radar intended for the air traffic control project. We enjoyed working on the optimization of the cooling channels of 3D-printed jet engine turbine blades. Analysis of the thermal comfort of the vehicle crew and the cooling of electronic equipment under temperature-demanding conditions we also considered a beautiful work.

We are proud that also thanks to us we can all say “And yet it moves!” We participated in the registration of the patent of the cutter with winding. What definitely couldn’t let us unexcited was to work for the legend of motorsports. We will give you a little hint. It’s none other than T.33 Spider and one thing is sure, every heart that beats for cars knows it. 

Grants also aren’t any strangers to us, even though it can be a bit more action than usual. The stimulation of different configurations of hits of the 15T tram to a pedestrian. That simulation will leave you more in awe than watching the action thriller with Ryan Gosling and his chase on the same type of tram in the streets of Prague. 

To be brief, we have computed a lot of things from bicycle racks and parking sensors to jet turbine blades. 

Advanced Engineering TechDay 2024
Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024
The registration is open, book your seat: Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024 in Prague.
Webinář Simulace DPS - Altair Pollex for Altium
PCB Simulation: Altair Pollex for Altium Designer
Invitation to webinar: PCB simulation - verification of printed circuit board designs.
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024
Invitation to an online conference on the use of simulation technologies in the initial stages of product design.
Digital Twins for Product Development and Operations
A guide to Digital Twin technology and its many uses
student-contest 2024
Altair Global Student contest
Student Contest: Improve your engineering and creative skills and win awards.
Webinar Series: HyperWorks Effectively 2
Kidly accept our invitation to the new webinar series full of tips and tricks on the new HyperWorks.


Years of experience in advanced simulation.

Broad range of simulation technologies including multi-physics analysis and optimization.

The most advanced technologies enabling innovation, reduction of development time and cost throughout the product life cycle.

Technical team expertise.

Access to hi-tech know-how thanks to partnership with Altair Engineering.

Emphasis on added value and long-term customer satisfaction.

SW products open to other CAD/CAE solutions.

logo-textSelected clients 

We are constantly expanding our network of clients, including major final manufacturers and
suppliers for the automotive, aerospace and railway industries, as well as small and large engineering
companies. We are active in the Czech Republic and beyond.

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