Virtual ATCx - Computational Fluid Dynamics
Invitation to a virtual conference focused on fluid dynamics (CFD).


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7/22/2020 | Online conferences

Join us in a conference in a virtual interactive environment and listen to how Fiat , VW and other companies innovate with the latest CFD technologies to shorten development cycles and reduce costs.

You will meet many inspiring speakers and industry experts who will show you how leading companies use the latest multidisciplinary CFD solutions to optimize transmission lubrication, simulate fluid movement in a container, conduct rapid external aerodynamics studies, predict and eliminate unwanted aerodynamics, and more. .

View the  agenda , get acquainted with the topics and register in time
on the Virtual ATCx – Computational Fluid Dynamics website  .More information and registration

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Improve CFD Tutorial Pre-Processing Using HyperWorks CFD
A combination of lectures and tutorials introduces participants to the new HyperWorks CFD environment, process, and set of tools they need to get started.

In this webinar dedicated mainly to pre-processing, the preparation of models is considered especially for the Altair AcuSolve solver , which is a leader among universal CFD solvers for fluid system analysis. He is able to handle even the most demanding tasks from industry and research. Robust and scalable technology allows you to achieve unrivaled accuracy.

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Shifting Gears – GPU Particle Based Simulations for Gear-train and Powertrain Components
webinar focused on the interpretation workflow for simulation using Altair nanoFluidX who forgets to mention the objective of the simulation tasks and problems of lubrication of modern transmissions and drive train components as well as possible financial and time savings associated with the use of simulations. Unlike traditional CFD solutions, nanoFluidX uses the SPH (smooth particle-based hydrodynamics) method and performs the calculation on graphics processors.

This very illustrative webinar from 2017, from the time when nanoFluidX was still a partner product and under the company FluiDyna, is still recommended for viewing.

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GPU accelerated Aerodynamics CFD webinar using Altair ultraFluidX
This webinar introduces you to the Altair ultraFluidX , which provides unmatched performance and simulations of complete vehicle aerodynamics using the Lattice Boltzmann method and graphics processor calculations. We will also discuss some unique features to help you perform several design analysis cycles with an unprecedented level of automation. 

You can find more about  CFD solutions and  individual tools on the Altair or Advanced Engineering websites.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us  ,
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