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ALTAIR's AI-powered data analytics solution: a DSML platform and tools for collecting large amounts of heterogeneous and unstructured data, creating advanced analyses and predictions, and for data visualization. All in an intuitive user experience for everyday users.

Altair’s data analytics solution covers a comprehensive DSML platform RapidMiner for the entire data processing workflow and also a set of specialized tools for individual activities, such as Monarch, Panopticon, and Knowledge Studio. In addition, Altair implements machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in its classic simulation tools HyperWorks, HyperStudy, or the brand-new ones DesignAI, PhysicsAI.

One of the main Altair focuses is on ordinary business users. Thanks to advanced technologies Altair brings DA/AI functions previously usable only by data specialists. It believes that in the near future, the ability to use, process, and evaluate business data will be an essential competence for many professions. So, Altair brings so-called Frictionless AI.

Watch this video to learn more about Data Analytics solutions:

  • Data collection and transformation. Altair offers the fastest and easiest way to extract data from difficult, semi-structured data such as PDFs, spreadsheets, and text files, as well as big data and other structured data sources, and further prepare it for advanced analysis – Altair RapidMiner and Monarch.
  • Data automation. Automate data collection, data cleansing, and data transformation. Use trusted and accurate data to make the right decisions. – Altair Monarch (data preparation), Altair Monarch Server (data automation), Altair Knowledge Hub (collaboration)
  • Generate insight. Leverage advanced machine learning and AI. Understand what is impacting your business – Altair Knowledge Studio
  • Share insight. Visualize real-time operational performance. Spot anomalies, trends, and clusters in seconds – Altair Panopticon

Learn about the advantages and broad application

DSML platform: RapidMiner

Altair RapidMiner is the DSML (Data Science Machine Learning) platform with all tools you’ll need to support all the users in your organization who will be involved in analyzing data, predicting trends, and deploying models in the applications with the greatest benefit.

The use of DSML models is wide in industrial practice. These include technical applications such as preventive maintenance, physical test evaluation, quality management, warranty, and post-warranty service cost management, as well as “back-office” applications such as customer behavior prediction, supply chain efficiency management, risk management, or marketing.

Data preparation with Altair Monarch

Altair Monarch is an “enterprise” data preparation solution for data analysis. It includes data collection (importing or connecting to data sources), treating errors and inconsistencies in the data (missing data, measurement errors, noise, removing duplications, etc.), harmonizing and combining data from different sources, and transforming the data into further processable structures.

This data is then ready for analysis using various BI and ML tools. And without the need for programming knowledge.

Download: Learn the principles and basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies thanks to an eBook from Altair University or in brief form in an eGuide, how machine learning is applied in Engineering, and in Data Analytics brochure read what Altair offers.

How to use the potential of machine learning in practice? Read articles from Advanced Engineering Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Practice and Altair RapidMiner: Analytics and Prediction for Everyone.

Data Analytics Products:

Altair RapidMiner

Altair RapidMiner

RapidMiner is a DSML (Data Science Machine Learning) platform that enables users, without the need for deep technical knowledge of data analytics, to connect to a variety of enterprise data sources, transform data, automate data processing, develop machine learning-based models, and deploy them into production. And then apply the models to a wide variety of data analytics and everyday use cases.

RapidMiner focuses on transparency and the ability to make data science accessible to mainstream business users. It prioritizes the visual modeling of data processes to make them understandable, and trustworthy, and the resulting models deployable into use.

Many activities are automated; RapidMiner, for example, efficiently helps you select and verify the most suitable model for the task at hand without any programming knowledge.

For data specialists, on the other hand, there is an environment for including manual code or detailed customizations.

Featured resources: RapidMiner at | | Whitepaper: A Buer’s Guide to Enterprise Data Science Platforms | Whitepaper: Model Explainability Explained: A Human’s Guide to Building Trust in Data Science | RapidMiner Academy – Learning Content Library

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Altair Monarch

Altair Monarch

Monarch is desktop-based, self-service data preparation, offering the easiest way to access, clean, prepare and blend any data – including PDFs and semi-structured text files.

Monarch connects to multiple data sources including structured and unstructured data, cloud-based data, and big data. Connecting to data, cleansing, and manipulating data requires no coding.

Monarch can quickly convert disparate data formats into rows and columns for use in data analytics. Over 80 pre-built data preparation functions mean data preparation tasks can be completed quickly and error-free. More time is spent on generating value from data as opposed to making data usable to begin with.

Featured resources: Data Preparation | Guide: Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation | Technical Document: Altair Monarch – Enterprise-Class Data Transformation | Webinar: Data Science for Engineers Series 2 – Data Collection, Preparation, and Understanding

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Altair Knowledge Studio

Altair Knowledge Studio

Solve business problems and predict outcomes with precision, efficiency, and agility.

Knowledge Studio is a market-leading easy-to-use machine learning and predictive analytics solution that rapidly visualizes data as it quickly generates explainable results – without requiring a single line of code.

A recognized analytics leader, Knowledge Studio brings transparency and automation to machine learning with features such as AutoML and Explainable AI without restricting how models are configured and tuned, giving you control over model building.

Featured resources: Machine Learning | Technical Document: Machine Learning in Engineering | Webinar: Data Science for Engineers Series 2 – Predictive Modeling and Evaluation| Webinar: Increasing the Value of Your Data: Getting Started with Machine Learning | eBook: Make Machine Learning Work for You

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Altair Panoption

Altair Panopticon

Get fast, visual analysis and monitoring of time-critical data, no coding required.

Panopticon lets business users, analysts, and engineers — the people closest to the action — build, modify, and deploy sophisticated data visualization and stream processing applications with a drag-and-drop interface. They can connect to any data source, including big data sources, SQL and NoSQL databases, and message queues; develop complex event processing programs; and design visual user interfaces that give them the perspectives they need to make insightful, fully informed decisions based on massive amounts of data.

Featured resources: Data Visualization | Webinar: Data Science for Engineers: Deployment and Visualization | eGuide: Implement Effective Manufacturing Process Analytics

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Learn more about KnowledgeWorks at

logo-textBenefits of Altair software tools: 

Altair HyperWorks X

Broad range of simulation technologies including multi-physics analysis and optimization.

The most advanced technologies enabling innovation, reduction of development times, and reduction of costs throughout the product life cycle.

Integrated portfolio of solutions in the following areas

  • CAE solvers and optimization
  • Modeling and visualization
  • Tools for conceptual design and verification of manufacturability
  • Industrial Design
  • Data Analytics and Internet of Things
  • High-performance Computing

SW products open to other CAD/CAE solutions.

Altair’s experience from the implementation of own engineering projects.

Unique and cost-effective licensing model.

logo-textSelected clients 

We support Altair software in major international and local companies in the automotive, aerospace
and engineering industry.

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