CAE for the concept, or the most advanced analysis and optimization? Both! - Watch from a recording
Are you about to start using more advanced or efficient simulations in your product development, or do you feel that your current simulation tools no longer offer everything you need?



Webinar Invitation: Altair is not just HyperMesh

The webinar is intended for all beginners, but also more experienced designers, calculators, managers and all those who do not know all Altair products.

Find out how Altair can benefit your business.

Altair is not just HyperMesh

It is true that HyperMesh is a tool that Altair was the first and only product to offer for a long time. Since then, however, the portfolio has grown to enormous proportions. In addition to a number of tools for preprocessing and postprocessing, it also offers advanced solvers for strength analysis, investigation of mechanism dynamics, optimization, electromagnetism, multi-physics and many other areas of interest. It also offers a comprehensive set of tools for simulations in construction, for verification of manufacturability, and last but not least, tools for simulations in the HPC environment or the use of operational data by IoT / Digital Twins technologies.

Have you considered a change?

Are you going to use more advanced or more efficient simulations when developing your products? Do you feel that your current simulation tools no longer offer you everything you need? Maybe it’s time to look at an alternative or addition to an existing solution. We can help you with the implementation of simulations in the process of creating conceptual designs or in decision support in the stage of detailed construction. Or would you need to expand your activities with more advanced simulations and optimizations, but the offered solutions are not financially efficient for you? We also offer interesting opportunities in this area.

It is also cheaper

Altair offers a unique licensing system for its tools, which allows the software options and the associated financial demands to scale very well according to the individual needs of the customer. Do not address the number of users, do not address whether to support calculators or designers, do not address what specific tools you plan to use – take advantage of financially advantageous licensing variability.

Webinar topics:

  • Altair is not just networking in HyperMesh.
    Altair’s portfolio of tools under one license will help in the entire product development process.
  • Are we  able to help you in the conceptual development phase?
    Consider the benefits of a wide range of optimization methods or verification of manufacturability for your design solution.
  • How  can we help you with advanced simulations?
    Experience with us the benefits of multi-physics simulations, multi-criteria optimizations or system modeling for your projects.
  • Space  for your questions

See for yourself in our webinar.

The webinar took place on January 26, 2022

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Years of experience in advanced simulation.

Broad range of simulation technologies including multi-physics analysis and optimization.

The most advanced technologies enabling innovation, reduction of development time and cost throughout the product life cycle.

Technical team expertise.

Access to hi-tech know-how thanks to partnership with Altair Engineering.

Emphasis on added value and long-term customer satisfaction.

SW products open to other CAD/CAE solutions.

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We are constantly expanding our network of clients, including major final manufacturers and
suppliers for the automotive, aerospace and railway industries, as well as small and large engineering
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