We investigate the behavior of low and high-frequency EM fields, observe the interaction with mechanical design, thermal effects and for high-frequency EM fields simulate signal propagation.

In addition to mechanical and fluid systems, we are also involved in simulating electrostatic fields and low- and high-frequency electromagnetic fields, analyzing interaction with mechanical structure, thermal effects, and for high-frequency fields also signal propagation in both closed and open space.

We support and use the Altair Flux (low frequency EM field), Altair Flux Motor (electric motor design) and Altair FEKO (high frequency EM field) simulation tools.
Using the Altair HyperStudy, we also make design optimization to improve performance and other product parameters, or DOE studies. Combined problems can be solved by coupling of electromagnetic fields with strength analyzes, thermal effects and noise/vibration analyzes.

We offer:

  • Simulation of electrostatic and low- and high-frequency electromagnetic fields.
  • Consulting support for of electric motors design – prediction of parameters using Altair Flux Motor.
  • Thermal effects from EM fields on mechanical structure.
  • Cooling – coupling of EM and CFD simulations.
  • Optimization of design solutions with respect to EM and CFD analysis results.
  • Co-simulation proposals for system modeling with Altair Compose and Activate.
E-motor design

TIP: Visit the Downloads section for articles, documents, and videos to see what methods and technologies we use. And understand the real potential of simulations, virtual testing, and optimizations.


  • Broad range of services, the possibility of solving also multi-physics problems.
  • Cost-effective solution by outsourcing – usage of high-end software (typically Altair Flux, Flux Motor or Altair FEKO) and IT infrastructure without investment cost (CAPEX).
  • Guaranteed by a team of experienced professionals.
  • Detection of critical areas of a structure.
  • Proposals of design changes and optimization.

Use also structural and other multi-physics analyses for your design solutions. Our headquarters are in Prague 9 – Letňany, but we provide services throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Contact us via the contact form.


Long-term experience in advanced simulation.

Technical team expertise.

Access to hi-tech know-how thanks to partnership with Altair Engineering.

Scope of competences. Experience from R&D projects.

Emphasis on added value and long-term customer satisfaction.

logo-textSelected clients 

We provide engineering services to large international and local companies as well as small startup
businesses. We are most active in the automotive, aerospace and machinery industries.

In cooperation with our partners, in particular Altair Engineering GmbH, we participate in
development projects for a number of other leading companies in the automotive and aerospace

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