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Altair's CAID tools make creating creative designs easier, faster, more flexible with help of the widest range of modeling and rendering methods and techniques. Try ALTAIR INSPIRE STUDIO, an all-in-one solution for industrial designers, architects and development engineers.

Altair Inspire Studio and Thea Render

Altair’s industrial design tools allow designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate, and visualize their vision faster than ever before. Focus on ideas instead of being hindered by shortcomings of the software tools and liberate creativity with design software that lets the user model freely, make changes effortlessly, and render beautifully.

Within the Altair portfolio of industrial design tools, you will find Altair Inspire Studio, Inspire Render and Thea Render products as plug-ins for third-party software such as Rhino or SketchUp. Additional tools from the Inspire platform are intended for users who verify and optimize functionality, mechanical performance and manufacturability during development at the same time as designing the shape. Read more on Simulation-driven Design page.

We will guide you through the software tool evaluation

We will reommend you the most suitable functions and tools for your typical tasks, provide you with a trial license, and also show you the right workflows and best practices. We will evaluate it on your examples via benchmarks or PoC projects. Contact us or use the tutorials and test Inspire Studio by yourself.

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Inspire Studio

Altair Inspire Studio is the new all-in-one solution for innovative designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. With unrivaled flexibility and precision, its unique construction history feature along with multiple modeling techniques empowers users throughout the creative process.

By building on the functions of Altair Evolve, Inspire Studio introduces a sleek, efficient user experience. Each tool and workflow are now optimized for an efficient design experience from initial sketches to exploring styling with polygonal, freeform, and PolyNURBS parametric modeling.

Produce stunning product presentations in real-time with the in-built high-quality, physically-based global illumination renderer using biased photorealistic, unbiased and GPU modes.

Running on both Mac OS X and Windows as a standalone product or under Altair’s flexible token-based licensing model, Inspire Studio frees designers’ creativity from the constraints of traditional CAID tools, while assuring export of robust digital models for product development.

Modeling and rendering techniques within Inspire Studio

Freehand Sketches Import

You can start your design with classic manual sketches on paper. Inspire Studio allows you to use them as a template when creating precise geometry based on NURBS curves. Then you use these curves for surface modeling as profiles, guide curves, trim curves etc.

Construction History

Automatically backtrack to an earlier stage of your design, reusing or modifying objects from past stages in real-time.

Construction history probably brings the most significant time savings. Here you can return to any previous step of creating geometry and here change the parameters. Final geometry automatically updates. For legacy CAID tools, you were usually forced to make a major change by completely reworking the model from scratch.

PolyNURBS for Rapid Styling

Combine the ease and simplicity of polygonal modeling with the precision and flexibility of NURBS to quickly create free-form surface and solid geometry that is smooth and continuous.

NURBS curves and surfaces

Utilize Non-uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) curves and surfaces to accurately represent even the most complex shapes with flexibility and precision.

Constraint-based Technical Sketching

Create and edit constraint-based technical sketches by easily applying geometric relationships between components. Constraint based sketches is a base for variational design and evaluating many design alternatives.

Solid Parametric Modeling

In Inspire Studio, you can create solid parametric models like in modern CAD systems. You will take advantage of parametric sketches and parameters within the design history for easy achievement of various design variants. If you model primarily in curves and surfaces, you get the resulting solids using functions that combine surface and solid modeling techniques.

Photo-realistic Rendering

Take full advantage of photo-realistic rendering. In interactive mode, add material properties, scene backgrounds and light sources. For the most advanced settings and parallel processing of several variants and tasks, the “darkroom modul” is used. Here you can fine-tune various variants of detailed light and tonal tuning, reflections etc. You can then control the visualization calculations using the task queue.


In addition to static visualizations, you can prepare an animated product presentation for your potential customers, partners and project team members. This is the best way to show how to work with the proposed product assemble it or disassemble it for maintenance.

For more tutorial videos, visit the Advanced Engineering YouTube channel or the Altair Inspire Studio product web pages.
See also the introductory webinar for a more detailed information about functionality and way of using of Inspire Studio.

All Industrial design products:

Altair Inspire Studio

Inspire Studio

Altair Inspire Studio is a brand new software solution designed for industrial designers, designers, architects and other creative professionals to create, evaluate and visualize design ideas and designs faster than ever.
Inspire Studio is a 3D hybrid (surface and solid) modeling and rendering solution for both Windows and Mac OS X. Create designs with sketches, polygons, PolyNURBS surfaces, solids, and take advantage of professional photorealistic visualizations and animations. It is also available as a standalone Inspire Render product.

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Inspire Render

Inspire Render

Altair Inspire Render is a new photorealistic quality 3D visualization and animation tool for innovative designers, architects and digital creators to produce stunning product presentations faster than ever before. Inspire Render is supported for both MS Windows and Mac OSX.

Download: Training video | System requirements

Thea Render

Thea Render

Thea Render is the most versatile renderer with Adaptive (Biased) and Unbiased engines with computational support on both CPU and GPU. In addition to Altair’s Inspire Studio and Render, Thea Render is also available for SketchUp, Rhino and Cinema 4D.


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Videos and webinars on Altair University YouTube Channel

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logo-textBenefits of Altair software tools: 

Altair HyperWorks X

Broad range of simulation technologies including multi-physics analysis and optimization.

The most advanced technologies enabling innovation, reduction of development times, and reduction of costs throughout the product life cycle.

Integrated portfolio of solutions in the following areas

  • CAE solvers and optimization
  • Modeling and visualization
  • Tools for conceptual design and verification of manufacturability
  • Industrial Design
  • Data Analytics and Internet of Things
  • High-performance Computing

SW products open to other CAD/CAE solutions.

Altair’s experience from the implementation of own engineering projects.

Unique and cost-effective licensing model.

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