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HomeOffice support and eLearning

In connection with the difficult situation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic, we bring information about the support of home-office work and some eLearning news and tips – all together with Altair Engineering and Altair University.

We will present new or recommended webinars, eBooks, tutorials, and also information about free trial licenses and software evaluation support from Advanced Engineering.

Home Office support, trial licenses and software evaluation

During the current crisis with COVID-19, most companies in our region are forced to change their normal work mode to home office. To solve problems related to hardware and software infrastructure Advanced Engineering together with Altair (see its license support support information) offers

  • for customers: to move my HyperWorks Units to Hosted HyperWorks Units (please contact us on hwsupport@advanced-eng.cz)
  • for cutomers: to provide temporary software licenses to be able to work remotely (please contact us on hwsupport@advanced-eng.cz)
  • for all interested users: provision of Trial licenses for education and testing (contact us via contact form or directly). We are at your disposal and do not hesitate to contact us also with questions during testing, with benchmarks or your typical engineering tasks.

eLearning: webinars, tutorials, eBooks etc.

Static structural FE analysis



Tutorials and eLearning

Try Altair SimSolid

It has been half a year since Altair has been acquiring SimSolid and its unique calculation method, different from traditional FEM. Perhaps now is the right time to test analyses without simplifying geometry and without meshing. Evaluate its speed and especially suitability for your engineering problems. Ask for trial license, learn from tutorial, watch webinars and study more about the method in eBook or in other technical documents.



Information mentioned above and others you will find also in Altair Learning center, SimSolid Resources and on Altair University server.

Inspire Studio not only for industrial designers

Altair Inspire Studio – new product which replaces Evolve autumn will be appreciated not only by stylists, industrial designers and architects. It will also provide a very good service to engineers who want to optimize the design from the aesthetic point of view. They will use a unique combination of modeling tools in one software solution: sketching, parametric 2D and 3D-solid modeling to intuitive and accurate complex shape modeling using PolyNURBS technology. Engineers who can skip creation of standard drawings and who prepares their optimized designs directly to manufacturing, such as 3D printing, can cover complete design workflow within Inspire platform without using CAD system. If you prefer to stay with your current tools try at least rendering functionality.


  • Altair Inspire Studio – introductory webinar prepared by Altair in cooperation with Design8 (reseller for Benelux). You will see and understand functionality range and how to use this application.

Video recordings and eLearning

FEA and composites


Shortly after the announcement of the postponement of JEC World 2020, Altair came up with a webinar series Walk Through the Journey of Advanced Composites with Altair. It covers these webinars:

All recordings will be available here.




There is still running a webinar series dedicated to EM field simulation, optimization of design antennas, 5G network design and electromagnetic compatibility solutions. Topics are

  • Optimize Your Antenna Design Through Machine Learning
  • Take Advantage of Characteristic Mode Analysis for Your Antenna Design
  • Get One Step Ahead of 5G With Wireless Network Planning and Performance Analysis
  • Solve Your EMC/EMI Problems Involving Cables

Registration and webinar recordings are available here.


eLearning in general

Altair named Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant
Altair named a Leader in DSML platform market
Gartner named Altair as a Leader in DSML platform market.
Advanced Engineering TechDay 2024
Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024 - hindsight
Join to discussion on topics from Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024.
Advanced Engineering TechDay 2024
Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024
The registration is open, book your seat: Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024 in Prague.
Webinář Simulace DPS - Altair Pollex for Altium
PCB Simulation: Altair Pollex for Altium Designer
Invitation to webinar: PCB simulation - verification of printed circuit board designs.
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024
Invitation to an online conference on the use of simulation technologies in the initial stages of product design.
Digital Twins for Product Development and Operations
A guide to Digital Twin technology and its many uses


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