Altair Simulation 2022.2
Altair releases a new version of its simulation suit - version 2022.2


Altair Simulation 2022.2

Altair’s 2022.2 Simulation Software Release is Here

This significant update focuses on cloud elasticity and scalability, electrification, and product development and design capabilities. The latest release builds upon the Simulation 2022 and 2022.1 releases, and brings new features that broaden, strengthen, and further specialize Altair’s comprehensive simulation toolkit. 

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Update highlights in selected tools

New features and the most imported enhancements can be found mainly in the functions and areas listed below:

ActivatePlot assistant, Pneumatics library
AcuSolveEDEM integration / co-simulation
EDEMDynamic Domain, Meta-Particles Analysis, Deformable Geometry, FlexTire plug-in
FekoMLFMM performance, Periodic FSS structures, and radomes, PCB Current Data source, Building data in CityGML format, Cross-polarization of antennas, Population data from the Global Human Settlement database, ITU propagation models
HyperWorks / HyperMeshScenario Manager allows you to create a series of connection definitions comprised of rules and corresponding controls in a specific order.
Extension Manager allows you to load customized client-specific plugin features via file menu, Surface Repair Tool allows you to identify and fix common issues with surfaces like Free/Non-Manifold edges, self-intersections, slivers, and duplicates.
Hex Mesh tool to create mesh of solid elements along element normal or user defined direction or using lines, surfaces, faces and node paths as guides, TetraMesh Improvements with better growth-controlled core mesh. Ability to split quads into tetras and direct element selection support, Create and edit Shell and Solid using Beamsection Browser.
Added support for legacy HyperMesh .res files in current Contour, Vector, Tensor, and Deformed tools.
HyperWorks CFDAcuTrace support, External aero modeling process, DOE extension, updates in post-processing
HyperViewQuick Hotspot Tool, Strain Linearization, Support for EDEM results in HyperView, HWC – Editing of multiple notes or measures witha single command
InspireNew Geometry Tools: Sweep, NURBS Curve, Pattern Along Curve, New Sketching Tools: Transform and Spline Trimming, Bushings, Prestressed Modal, Buckling for SimSolid and Design Explorer, Motion: Interference Detection, Input and Output Signals, Viewpoints
Inspire FormBlank nesting and Blank fit results posted in UI, Boundary condition definition using mesh feature, Support for Sheet hydroforming, Flexforming, Hydromechanical deep drawing process.
MotionSolve / MotionViewNew Transfer Case with differential for 4WD
vehicles, IC engine powertrain model for 4WD vehicles, Locking Differential system available for vehicles, Road Tools Performance enhancement
nanoFluidXIntroducing non-Newtonian fluids, A largely improved workflow with a
single-window environment between SimLab and nanoFluidX.
OptiStructDamage for Explicit Dynamic Analysis, 3D element support for rotordynamics, Subsystem base h3d output, Augmented Lagrangian Method for Nonlinear Contact, New opti format, Temp Dependent Viscoelasticity, Section force for Frequency Response Analysis, Adaptive Contact Stabilization
RadiossMajor improvements for the 2D seatbelt material
and slipring, Continuous development to support the reading of more LS-DYNA keywords and options, Improvement of solver performance for linear tetrahedron elements and contact interface sorting
SimLabDirect access to the Altair Material Data Centre, Support of electrical conductance analysis with OptiStruct, New solution for Solder Thermal Fatigue analysis, Supported 3-Phase AcuSolve – EDEM coupling, Workflow improvements for Drive train oiling Application, End-to-end workflows for SPH Flow solution, Support added for creation and modification of
circuits for magnetic transient 2D solution, Supported automatic setup of preloading in Drop
impact analysis, Added Liquid Cooling smart object for Electronics Thermal Solution
SimSolidLinear buckling analysis, Random fatigue analysis, Fatigue stress history, Structural envelope, Relative displacement, Gas body

Learn the detailed list of the new features in the Release Notes of each tool. As usual, these can be found as the accompanying documentation for each downloadable tool at Altair One – Marketplace.

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