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Last year we met our clients and other supporters of simulation technology at a number of public forums, conferences and fairs. So let’s take a small look back. For many of these events we offer copies of presentations or other downloads. These can be found in the “Downloads” section of our new website.

5.–6.2.2019 – Conference of Manufacturing Technology 2019
In our presentation on “CAE for Manufacturing Tool Optimization”, we showed how we approach lightening, specifically for a milling cutter, sharing experience with topological optimizations and lattice structures.

Over the past year, we have also implemented a number of engineering projects (orders) and verification tasks (benchmarks) in the field of optimization – in the rail industry, aviation, general engineering. Please contact us for more information.

13.–16.5.2019 – 25th International Conference Engineering Mechanics 2019
Presentation on “Simulation of the Airbag in the passive safety of a car”. We have shown how the tasks of catching passengers with an airbag are solved already in the process of its deployment, which is needed especially for the simulation of side airbags.

During 2019, we implemented several very attractive engineering projects (orders) on the simulation of crash tests of sports cars and restraint systems (airbags). Please contact us for more information.

15.-16.5.2019 – Polymer composites 2019
Presentation on “Simulation of modern materials in Altair Hyperworks”. We talked about simulations of controlled destruction of plastic parts in the automotive industry using the explicit solver Altair Radioss. Please contact us for more information.

SimSolid Road Show 2019
In connection with the introduction of the revolutionary product Altair SimSolid, we organized a series of seminars on new computational methods and their implementation in this system. We published several articles, webinars and presentations about SimSolid during the year. You will find them in the “Downloads” section, too.

21.-22. 5. 2019 – Conference – IT Forum 2019 – TD-IS
21.-24.5.2019 – International Engineering Fair Nitra 2019
Presentation on “Simulation in construction – the key to innovation”. At both events, we focused primarily on five major trends in CAE simulations, with particular emphasis on the benefits of simulations in the early stages of the design process. The presentation and article published in MM Spektrum magazine is available in the “Downloads” section.

29.-31.5.2019 – IDET (International Defence and Security Technologies Fair)
Within the fair IDET, we organized a professional seminar on “Impact, Destruction and Safety by Computer Simulation”, where we showed a number of interesting applications using the explicit solver ltair Radioss. The second presentation was about a simulation of electromagnetic fields – again for the needs of defense and aerospace industries. Please contact us for more information.

30.-31.5.2019 – 4th International Conference on Movement Analysis
Presentation on “Application of high bio Faithful dummies”. We presented the possibilities of virtual models of dummies for crash tests in the automotive and rail industry. Please contact us for more information.

3. – 6.6. – EAN 2019 – 57. Conference „Experimental Stress Analysis“
The presentation on the topic “Simulation of ultrasonic welding”. We presented experience with ultrasonic welding simulations using the explicit Altair Radioss FEA solver. Please contact us for more information.

12.-13.9.2019 – ATCx Praha
Annual Altair Technology Conference in Prague, where you could see presentations of customer and partner projects and of course the most interesting news from Altair’s offer. You can download three presentation packages:
ATCx 2019 – prezentace Advanced Engineering
ATCx 2019 – prezentace Altair
ATCx 2019 – prezentace partnerů

7.-11.10.2019 – International Engineering Fair in Brno
At the Brno Engineering Fair we exhibited in Hall A1, which was focused on 3D technologies. At our booth we presented Altair Inspire software with topological and other optimizations (we recommend eBooks about optimizations and working with Inspire) and of course this year’s news:  SimSolid news (we recommend an eBook explaining unique technology), HyperWorks X and HyperLife.

10.-11.10.2019 – Altair Technology Conference
Worldwide ATC is the biggest Altair event of the year. Check out the recordings of the last year’s lectures this year in Detroit. Keynote on who Altair is today and where it is heading is traditionally presented by founder and CEO Jim Scapa. We also recommend a unique lecture by biographer Dayana Baumeister, which reveals the connection between wise nature and meaningful design solutions from different angles.

17.-18.10.2019 – Vehicle Pasive Safety for Human Body
We again contributed to the issue of passive vehicle safety, this time on the topic of “Simulation Application In Biomechanics And Crashes”. Please contact us for more information.

12.-13.11.2019 – Foundry days 2019
We traditionally participate in the foundry days and present simulation software Altair Inspire Cast. Also worth mentioning is a new eBook dedicated to simulating the casting and use of this software.

19.-22.11.2019 – Fair FORMNEXT in Frankfurt
We participated in the largest European exhibition on additive technologies alongside Altair. At its stand we presented especially the newly introduced module Inspire Print 3D dedicated to simulations of metallic 3D printing.

Advanced Engineering TechDay 2024
Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024
The registration is open, book your seat: Advanced Engineering Tech Day 2024 in Prague.
Webinář Simulace DPS - Altair Pollex for Altium
PCB Simulation: Altair Pollex for Altium Designer
Invitation to webinar: PCB simulation - verification of printed circuit board designs.
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024
Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024
Invitation to an online conference on the use of simulation technologies in the initial stages of product design.
Digital Twins for Product Development and Operations
A guide to Digital Twin technology and its many uses
student-contest 2024
Altair Global Student contest
Student Contest: Improve your engineering and creative skills and win awards.
Webinar Series: HyperWorks Effectively 2
Kidly accept our invitation to the new webinar series full of tips and tricks on the new HyperWorks.


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